BAOSTEEL Australia

Dr Pijun Zhang

Board Member & TAP Member
Baosteel Fellow & formal President of Baosteel Research Institute
Baoshan Iron and Steel Co. Ltd

Dr Pijun Zhang now is Baosteel Fellow and former President of Baosteel Research Institute, PhD, professor-level senior engineer, adjunct professor of Harbin Institute of Technology. He graduated from University of Science and Technology Beijing in 1982 and became a technician of Baosteel Pipe Plant in the same year. He entered Baosteel Iron and Steel Research Institute, which is now Baosteel Research Institute, in 1989 and was appointed as President in 2008. Mr Zhang spent many years on R&D of products ranging from seamless pipe, automotive steel to ship steel and mechanical steel, etc. The silicon steel R&D team, led by Mr Zhang, successfully developed the manufacturing technologies of low-temperature high magnetic induction grain-oriented electrical steel, including the whole process of lab investigation, engineering construction and industrialization. The success made Baosteel a world-class producer of grain-oriented silicon steel. Mr Zhang has won many awards, which include the Baosteel Top Contribution Award, first prize of State Science and Technology Award, first prize of Provincial and Ministerial Science & Technology Award, National Innovation Capability Construction Award, etc.