BAOSTEEL Australia

About Us

The Baosteel-Australia Joint Research and Development Centre is a world-first joint venture between Basoteel - one of the world’s largest steel companies, and four Australian universities. It seeks to create an enduring collaboration between Baosteel and four leading Australian universities, The University of Queensland, The University of New South Wales, Monash University and University of Wollongong, to conduct research and to provide innovative technologies in areas of interest to Baosteel. With the merger of Baosteel with Wuhan Iron & Steel Group, the Centre welcomed Deakin University as another participant in February 2019.

The mission of the Centre is, through an enduring partnership, to engage in exploring and developing new knowledge and technologies within selected areas of particular significance for Baosteel’s longer term, strategic development and business activities. The Centre is functionally located within the School of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (EAIT), The University of Queensland.
The purpose of the Centre is to create an internationally recognized Centre of excellence in the research area by harnessing and developing existing and emerging talent within the participant institutes to fulfill the mission of the Centre. The specific aims of the Centre incorporate:

  • Conducting strategic research supporting Baosteel’s business interests, in approved priority themes including innovative materials, new energy, resource utilisation and advanced environmental technologies.
  • Providing strategic consultancies and technical advice for Baosteel’s long-term and sustainable development.
  • Promoting application of innovative technologies and development of new, high value and low carbon products in Baosteel.
  • Providing a platform for Baosteel to access the international technical and personnel recruitment marketplace.
  • Strengthening the academic/technical exchange between Baosteel and Australian universities and providing access to other innovations within these universities which may be of interest to Baosteel.