BAOSTEEL Australia

Project ID: BA23001

Project Title: Towards an effective small-scale test for Baosteel line pipe steels

  • Dr Jingsi Jiao, Deakin University
  • Associate Professor Matthias, Deakin University
  • Professor Bernard Rolf, Deakin University
  • Dr Hossein Beladi, Deakin University
  • Professor Jian Fang, Research Institute of Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd
  • Dr Jingwei Zhang, Research Institute of Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd

This work will address the challenge of quantifying the ductile fracture behaviour of modern line pipe steels. This is crucial for ensuring the safety of pressurized pipelines. Existing small-scale tests have limitations in correlating with full-scale fracture behaviour and rely significantly on subjectivities. The proposed novel small-scale test, called Omega, has shown promising advantages and correlates better with full-scale fracture behaviour. The objective of the current 1-year seed project is to integrate the Omega testing method into Baosteel's daily quality control/testing practices for line pipe products. This will help establishing direct correlations between Baosteel line pipe products and full-scale fracture performance using small-scale tests. It will also provide valuable insights into the fracture resistance of line pipe steels, facilitating improved pipeline design and operational safety, thereby adding value to Baosteel products.