BAOSTEEL Australia

Project ID: BA13005

Project Title: Smart Polymer Hydrogels for Simultaneous Waste Heat Utilisation and Wastewater Treatment for Steel Industry (via ARC-L project LP140100051)

  • Prof Huanting Wang, Monash University
  • Prof George Simon, Monash University

This project is to develop dual-functionality, temperature-responsive polymer hydrogels as draw agents for continuous forward osmosis wastewater treatment process, using low–and-medium temperature waste heat as a green input into the process. This new technology will significantly reduce the costs of wastewater treatment, and thus fresh water consumption, whilst effectively utilising waste heat generated in the steel manufacturing process. The outcomes of this research will provide a unique opportunity for Baosteel to become a world leader in the rapidly-emerging, energy-efficient forward osmosis technology which is very relevant to the fields of both of wastewater treatment and desalination.