BAOSTEEL Australia

Project ID: BA15007

Project Title: Lower-cost processing of formable magnesium alloys (LP180100048)

  • Jianfeng Nie, Monash Unviersity
  • Chris Davies, Monash Unviersity
  • Shiwei Xu, Baosteel Research Institute
  • Weineng Tang, Baosteel Research Institute

This project aims to develop more formable magnesium alloys that can be rolled or extruded at higher speed by careful control of alloying elements and processing schedule. It expects to reveal physical metallurgy principles governing the processes and to deliver lower-cost magnesium products with improved mechanical properties, building on demonstrated advances in this field and in partnership with industry. Expected outcomes of this project include novel alloys and processing technologies that can produce magnesium products at significantly higher rate and hence lower processing costs. This should significantly widen the use of lightweight magnesium products for energy-efficient and environment-friendly applications.