BAOSTEEL Australia

Project ID: BA17013

Project Title: Investigation of residual stresses and product of strength and elongation of roll formed and Chain-die formed AHSS products.

  • Dr Shichao Ding, The University of Queensland
  • Professor Paul Meehan, The University of Queensland
  • Dr Yong Sun, The University of Queensland
  • Dr William Daniel, The University of Queensland

This research investigates the residual stresses and the residual product of strength & elongation of roll formed and Chain-die formed products. Those indexes reflect the quality of the fabricated products externally (geometrical dimension) and internally (products service life and potential defects such as delayed fracture).
Through the study including residual stresses analysis, FEA simulation and experimental measurement, the forming processes can be well understood and optimized to produce products with low residual stresses and high residual product of strength & elongation, i.e. an optimal product based on current AHSS.
Bend test and residual stress test methods will be investigated.