BAOSTEEL Australia

Project ID: BA18004

Project Title: Investigation of Inclusions and Precipitates in High-End Gear Steels (IH140100035)

  • Professor Baojun Zhao, The University of Queensland
  • Professor Geoff Wang, The University of Queensland
  • Dr Xiaodong Ma, The University of Queensland
  • Professor Jin Zou, The University of Queensland

Gears, as the essential powder transmitting components, are used in every industry, especially automotive gears desired with long-life, safety and reliability, and lightweight. The mechanical properties and machinability of gear steels are largely influenced by the morphology of sulphide inclusions formed in the gear steels. To eliminate or reduce the adverse effects of sulphides, this project will investigate the modification of sulphides by addition of Ca, Mg, Al and Zr elements, which is associated with entire processing of gear steels. The outcomes will help Baosteel to further improve and develop high-end gear steels with both excellent mechanical properties and machinability.