BAOSTEEL Australia

Project ID: BA14011

Project Title: Implementation of numerical modelling capability for achieving aerospace quality of Ti alloy forging in Baosteel production floor.

  • Professor Xinhua Wu, Monash University
  • Dr Samuel Lim, Monash University

Baosteel sees the growth potential of Ti alloy. More importantly, Baosteel recognized the need to establish a numerical modelling capability in Ti production to improve current manufacturing processes and quality control.  Thus, in the past two over years, the Ti group in Baosteel along with researchers at Monash University have worked on a project to establish optimum processing conditions and homogenise microstructure for the cogging of Ti64 ingot. Industrial scale cast Ingot and wrought mill billet were extensively characterized initially to evaluate source and presence of defects. Subsequently, vital microstructure evolution map linking the relationship of deformed microstructure with strain, strain rate and temperature was also created based on laboratory experimental data. This project is to further complete the above activities and validate the computer simulation model at the industrial scale so as to integrate it into the current Ti alloy production system. The detailed work includes i) essential validation of the numerical model at the industrial scale; and ii) using the “tool box” previously developed to design a process sequence to obtain billet with improved material yield and quality i.e. homogeneous microstructure with little or no defect.