BAOSTEEL Australia

Project ID: BA16010

Project Title: Hydrogen embrittlement and hydrogen-influenced low-cycle fatigue of advanced high-strength steels and steel parts for automotive applications

  • Prof Andrej Atrens, The University of Queensland
  • Prof Minxing Zhang, The University of Queensland
  • Dr Ruth Knibbe, The University of Queensland
  • Dr Qingjun Zhou, Baosteel Research Institute

This project builds on our prior study (BA13037) of (i) the influence of hydrogen on steels produced by Baosteel for auto construction [1-3], (ii) the relevance to service applications of such hydrogen embrittlement [4-5], (iii) our understanding of electrolytic charging conditions [4,5,8], and (iv) our understanding of the influence of hydrogen on fatigue [6-7].

The research will study HE of specified auto parts, and HE and HF of auto construction steels as supplied by Baosteel, and is expected to include martensitic advanced high strength steels (MS-AHSS, MS980, MS1180, MS1300, MS1500 and MS1700, and DP, TRIP & TWIP steels such as (980DP, 980 DP-GI (650 MPa YS), 980 DP-GI (700 MPa YS), 1200 DP-GI, and 980 QP, 1180 QP, and Medium-Mn steel.