BAOSTEEL Australia

Project ID: BA16011

Project Title: High performance and low cost cathode materials for Lithium ion batteries (LP170100392)

  • Prof Lianzhou Wang, The University of Queensland
  • Dr Delei Ye, The University of Queensland
  • Prof Chen Lv, Baosteel Research Institute
  • Dr Jinlong Liu, Baosteel Research Institute

This project aims to address the most challenging issue of high performance cathode materials in Li-ion batteries for electric vehicle application, focusing on the improvement of energy density, cycling life and rate performance of Li-rich cathode materials. It is well aligned with the BAJC’s priority funding theme of high energy density battery materials for energy storage. In close collaboration with Baosteel colleagues, high energy density, long lifetime and low cost Li-rich cathode materials for Li-ion batteries will be developed towards potential scale-up production. Fundamental understanding on electrode materials, high quality publications and patents are also expected from the implementation of the project.