BAOSTEEL Australia

Project ID: BA18001

Project Title: Development of Super-high-performance Magnesium Thin Wires for Joining Magnesium Profiles and for 3D Printing

  • Dr Yuman Zhu, Monash University
  • Professor Jianfeng Nie, Monash University
  • Dr Shiwei Xu, Baosteel Research Institute
  • Dr Weineng Tang, Baosteel Research Institute
  • Dr Yu Xie, Baosteel Research Institute

Lightweight magnesium extrudates have received considerable interest for applications in transportation industries. While they are generally strong enough for practical applications, their joining, with uniform properties, is challenging. This project aims to develop magnesium alloys for producing thin wires for joining magnesium profiles and for 3D printing. It involves design, evaluation, and characterisation of microalloyed Mg alloys with novel alloy compositions and extrusion and drawing processes. The outcome of the project is expected to deliver a Mg thin wire product and a knowledge platform that can assist Baosteel to increase the added value and competitiveness of its wrought Mg products.