BAOSTEEL Australia

Project ID: BA11001

Project Title: Reducing the environmental impact of steel making through direct strip casting (LP120200499)

  • Prof Michael Ferry, The University of New South Wales
  • Dr Nicole Stanford, The University of New South Wales
  • Prof Peter Hodgson, The University of New South Wales
  • Dr Kevin Laws, The University of New South Wales
  • Dr Md Quadir, The University of New South Wales
  • Dr Yuan Fang, Baosteel Research Institute

Direct strip casting is an extremely energy efficient process that generates thin-gauge metallic strip directly from the liquid; it is regarded as one of the most remarkable technological developments in modern steelmaking. This highly complex process involves extremely rapid solidification rates, making it difficult to alter critical plant variables needed for understanding the far-from-equilibrium (and often novel) structures that are generated. To address this problem, a novel substrate immersion technique will be used for investigating the effect of key processing parameters on the early stages of solidification. These optimized parameters will be translated directly to the Baosteel strip caster for improved casting performance.

In this research we are investigating direct strip casting of steel, a technology that reduces the environmental footprint of liquid steel processing by up to 90%. With our industry partner Baosteel, we hope to expand the application of this process to more steel grades, and we will also assess possible new steel grades with improved properties.