BAOSTEEL Australia

Project ID: BA1100

Project Title: Ethanol from blast furnace offgas - Nano and microscale engineering of MoS2-based catalyst for conversion of syngas to ethanol (LP0991958 )

  • Prof Max Lu, The University of Queensland
  • Prof Victor Rudolph, The University of Queensland
  • Prof Geoff Wang, The University of Queensland
  • Dr Jorge Beltramini, The University of Queensland

Steel-making produces large quantities of residual H2 and CO, which can be converted into value-added commercial ethanol if problems achieving suitably high yields, selectivity and product market value are overcome. This project addresses these issues through innovations directed at: (a) high selectivity through new catalyst development; (b) very close control of the reaction temperature using high thermal conductivity, geometrically structured catalyst support; and (c) microchannel reactor architecture for high throughput.