BAOSTEEL Australia

Project ID: BA14026

Project Title: Detailed investigation of raceway operations for stable and low-cost ironmaking

  • Dr Yansong Shen, The University of New South Wales
  • Prof Jinming Zhu, Baosteel Research Institute

Pulverized coal injection is a cost-effective technology in blast furnace ironmaking, particularly if low-grade coal is used. This project will deliver a multiscale study of flow and thermochmical behaviour in the furnace raceway, aiming to develop control strategies for stable and low cost operation. It will also assess and optimize the combustion of brown coal and its blends in this process. The project aims will be achieved via multiscale modelling and simulation, supported by lab/plant experiments. The outcomes will be used to optimise blast furnace operations and to assess the performance of Australian brown coals in ironmaking. It can also help open a new market for brown coal and enhance the competitiveness of Australian economy.