BAOSTEEL Australia

Project ID: BA12029

Project Title: Novel approach to grain refinement for continuous casting and ingot casting of steels

  • Prof Mingxing Zhang, The University of Queensland
  • Prof St John David, The University of Queensland
  • Prof Atrens Andrej, The University of Queensland
  • Prof Jin Zou, The University of Queensland
  • Dr Carlos Caceres, The University of Queensland

The project will use the well-established grain refinement theories, the crystallographic and the interdependence theories developed for non-ferrous alloys, to develop new and effective grain refiners for continuous and ingot casting of steels. The aim is to improve the quality of steel products through refining the grain size, decreasing porosity, eliminating macro-segregation, columnar structure, transverse cracks and improving mechanical properties. The outcomes will lead to a totally new approach to grain refinement in steelmaking and, therefore, impact on the international steel industry. It will also generate new scientific knowledge contributing to our understanding of physical metallurgy of steels.