BAOSTEEL Australia

Project ID: BA11002

Project Title:  Study on homogenisation and recrystallistion effects in forged Ti-64 ingot and research in powder HIPping (Hot Isostatic Pressing) of Ti-64 powder

  • Prof Xinhua Wu, Monash University
  • Prof Chris Davies, Monash University
  • Dr Colleen Bettles, Monash University

The recrystallisation behavior under different strain distributions (achieved through forging or extrusion) and with different thermal histories, in large Ti-64 ingot and in powder HIPped Ti-64 is to be investigated, for the purpose of understanding the cause of heterogeneities in the processed microstructures of forged Ti alloys, and defining an appropriate processing window for the alloy which will ensure a homogeneous microstructure in forged large Ti structural components. Furthermore, the knowhow to achieve powder HIPped Ti-64 material of fatigue properties equivalent to those attainable from forged ingots will also be developed.