BAOSTEEL Australia

Professor Victor Rudolph

Board Member
Centre Senior Director
The University of Queensland
School of Chemical Engineering

Victor Rudolph has Bachelor, Masters and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering. Following 12 years industrial experience in large-scale chemical plant design, operations and project management, he joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland in 1987. He became head of department in 1996 for a four-year term. In 1998 he assumed a 3 year term as Director of the U Queensland Technology and Information Management Center. He is currently a Professor of Chemical Engineering at U Queensland.

He served on the Queensland chemical branch of IEAust in the period 1992-2000, including a period as chairman, has acted as editor of the magazine Chemical Engineering in Australia for eight years, and is active in international academic Conference organization. In the past 5 years he has contributed to 3 book chapters related to energy and environment, 41 journal and 30 conference papers. He has promoted 19 PhD and 8 MEng candidates.

Prof. Rudolph pursues a broad range of research and development, with a concentration in recent years on technologies associated with Energy and Environment. These include projects related to fossil fuels (coal bed methane, enhanced cbm and CO2 sequestration in coal); gas to liquids; hydrogen; renewable fuels (ethanol, biomass and waste materials); geothermal energy; solid waste and sludge treatment; and water technologies. He has been awarded 25 ARC research grants with 4 current, receives research funding support from a range of Australian companies as well as from Europe and the USA. He collaborates with Universities in Europe, US and China. He has been visiting Professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago, at the Ecole des Mines Albi-Carmaux in France, and with the Illinois State Geological Survey at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He holds an honorary visiting professor position at the China University of Mining Technology.

His industrial experience includes periods of several years each in plant operations on coal based PVC and ammonia production facilities; and in Engineering design and Contracting providing feasibility studies, design and commissioning services to a wide variety of process plants including ethanol from cannery wastes, utilities for major process plant, downstream oil facilities and nylon processing amongst others.